What we are

We are student-initiated and student-run.
SWITCH was created by students in order to enrich educational experiences and to provide much needed services for Saskatoon’s core neighbourhoods (see History). We have an active pool of volunteers from the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and SIAST. We are also beginning to see volunteers from other Saskatchewan educational institutions.What this also means is that our board of directors (‘council’) are students, primarily in the Health Sciences or at the undergraduate level.

We are interprofessional.
Our students come from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of experiences.

Our Outreach team is responsible for making each SWITCH shift run smoothly, by preparing and serving food, assisting with programming, and providing childcare.

Our Clinical team is made up of many different health disciplines, collaborating together on each case that comes in. The students volunteer alongside a professional staff of a doctor or nurse practitioner, cultural support worker, nutrition supervisor, receptionist and other healthcare mentors who are either college faculty members or working professionals.

We are a clinic.
SWITCH operates through the Saskatoon Community Clinic, out of the Westside Clinic. The clinic is across Avenue P. from St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We open the clinic after-hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays to provide clinical and social services, along with programming to residents of Saskatoon’s inner city, though all residents are welcome.

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